Call to action: Tell your lawmakers to end the impasse

The time is now for legislators and the governor to find a solution for the stalemate over higher education funding. Colleges and universities face a growing crisis as the state heads into its seventh month without a budget.

Every college and university in Illinois is handling the lack of state support differently, but at this point, the budget crisis is causing measurable pain.

  • More than 125,000 Monetary Award Program (MAP) grant recipients, by definition the poorest students in our state, were promised an award—without it, many will not be able to continue attending their college or university.
  • The absence of operational funding is already limiting public higher education’s ability to provide services and classes for students to complete their degrees, which could lead to more students dropping out of school.
  • To offset these cuts, raising tuition and fees as well as cutting positions gives our out-of-state competitors the openings they need to recruit our students and faculty talent.
  • Research dollars and out-of-state students are less likely to come to Illinois—and won’t be easy to bring back once the crisis has passed.

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