Budget passes for higher education

You spoke, and Springfield listened. Since the FY16 appropriations process began last spring, you have sent more than 60,000 emails to the General Assembly and the Governor urging them to make the tough compromises necessary to fund higher education in our state. After 364 days without a budget, SB2047 passed the House on June30 by a vote of 105-4-1 and the Senate by a vote of 54-0.

SB2047 appropriates $1 billion for the state’s community colleges, Monetary Award Program (MAP) grants and nine public universities. Like most of the state’s universities, this means that, combined with the first stop-gap budget, the University of Illinois will receive 82% of its FY15 spending level to cover the FY16 year. This bill also will devote another $151 million to MAP grants and ensure 90% of FY15 funding for schools with more acute financial need.

Yesterday’s compromise ensures that Illinois’ public colleges and universities are able to open this fall. Additional funding for FY17 is expected to be revisited in January—your voice will be just as critical then to ensure that our state finishes out the year with further investment into its colleges and universities.

We thank you for attending meetings, making phone calls, writing letters and sending emails over the past year. Your passion, persistence and dedication played a huge role in the vote to secure a future for higher education in the State of Illinois.

Please take a moment to click the button below and thank your legislators for passing a budget that saves Illinois’ public universities and colleges, and keeps the dream of higher education alive for its thousands of MAP grant recipients.

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