More than 100 alumni turn out for U of I Day at the Capitol

U of I alumni advocates prepare to enter the state capitol during the U of I Alumni Day at the Capitol, May 10, 2017

As the State of Illinois entered month 23 without a budget, University of Illinois leaders and alumni joined together, May 10, to lobby legislators in Springfield, Ill.

Alumni came from all sectors of society. Elected officials heard from business owners, engineers, doctors, teachers, U of I faculty and staff, and more. Each attendee shared their own unique story about how higher education propelled them to where they are today, and why it is critical that the state stop disinvesting in its education system so that the next generation of students can reach the same heights.

After hearing from University President Timothy L. Killeen and being briefed on the current “state of the state” by university government relations staff, alumni took to the Capitol and made their voices heard. In conversations with legislators, they described the real-life impact of the state’s crippling budget impasse, and implored the General Assembly and Governor to come to an agreement that will move the state forward.

Their impact was clear. In the days following the event, more legislators registered themselves as co-sponsors on the University of Illinois’s signature Investment, Performance, and Accountability Commitment, which would tie University funding to concrete performance goals.

Many of our state legislators have committed to moving past the state’s ongoing budget impasse, but all still need to hear your perspective. Click here to ask your legislators to end the destructive impasse today.