Meet the University of Illinois Caucus

The University of Illinois is an engine that drives progress for our state and nation, awarding more than 20,000 degrees annually to support the workforce of tomorrow and fostering economy-building innovation through a nearly $1 billion research portfolio.

To support its continued excellence and service to the state, we call upon our University of Illinois caucus in the General Assembly, comprised of legislators who are graduates of the University’s three campuses and legislators who are parents of alumni and future alumni.  The caucus helps advise University leaders on issues affecting the University, as well as representing the University’s interest in the legislature and throughout the state.

As you know, state funding for higher education is an investment in Illinois’ future. Studies have shown that each dollar invested flows back into the state’s economy at a rate of one to four.  Through a close working partnership with the General Assembly, both the University of Illinois and the state of Illinois can capitalize on this investment for the good of all our constituents.

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